What Consumed Washington by Jerry Pippin

I want to talk to you for a minute about what has consumed Washington D.C. the media and your local civics classes in high school and college.The term “circular politics” is not a new, I first heard it in 2004. Circular politics when the right becomes the left and the left becomes the right and I am not talking about the holy grail of compromise of meeting in the middle. To give you an idea, many years ago I was doing a local morning show here in my home town of Muskogee and Senator Tom Coburn would be on with me every Monday on his way to Washington. He was congressman Coburn at that time. He was radical and always has been making the Fundamentalists in religion see him as their poster boy. But we seemed to have something in common, many of the Bush ideas he did not really believe in, however he would somehow find a way to support these ideas with his vote.

Basically we somehow would come out wanting certain things to pass and be law but for 180 degree opposite reasons. Coburn has positioned himself now to become the compromise Republican candidate for President; I feel the job can be his if he wants it. He can bring back into the fold the loyalty of the right-wing Christian vote. He can get the family value vote– after all he is a baby doctor, and his track record is amazing to me. He continues to win popular votes with the masses; yet I do not understand how as many of his policies are directly in conflict with the population as a whole. But this commentary is not about Tom Coburn. He will get the spot light in the future as the politics of the right jell into something of an outcome that would make a Hollywood screen writer proud.

My commentary deals with the basics how the population of 2011 is far away from the politics of 1961- 50 years and you would not recognize America if you had been away on a Starship and just come back home. The out foxing of the fox in Chicago started it when JFK was able to grab the win and defeat Richard Nixon. It was amplified when the cabal (or a group of interested people from rich oil conservatives such as H. L. Hunt in Dallas), a CIA that could see there future was in jeopardy from the new President, organized crime elements who had hoped to get that cash cow back in Havana from that bearded rascal Fidel, and the newly formed cash cow for the members of the military industrial complex (that race to the moon with the USSR meant lots of money honey). They were afraid this new President was going to desert the good old boys for new upstarts such as General Dynamics–after all, he just gave that company a very lucrative deal for a new fighter jet.

The perfect storm to get rid of JFK then built fast and we watched a series of events that began to change the political structure of America and indeed the social fabric of American In the 80s into the 90s came a new way of thinking for Americans Lets take just one thing, one element to make my point. It started in the 20th Century but by the end of the first decade of the 21st Century the work had worked and psyche of America has been changed forever–
‘Reality’ shows like “Cops” and other so-called ‘law enforcement’ programs are aired to get you to accept uniformed door kickers and learn that being slammed on the ground for a simple traffic infraction is a good thing. Few people noticed the change from ‘peace officers’ to ‘law enforcement’, with emphasis on the word ‘enforcement.’

Law takes a back seat when the clubs, mace, green lasers, sticky foam, stun guns, pry bars, night sticks and battering rams and other toys come out. The ‘law enforcement’ officers get a sudden case of amnesia. Yet we never hear about the dashboard cameras that suddenly for some unexpected reason, malfunction at just the right time.

There is a date that it all begin to mold–this new America as seen by and developed by the Neo-conservative mind–September 2001. All must be made to believe that the government is here to protect us from an artificial threat that they created (for our own good of course.) This is a good example of social engineering. Changes to society are done incrementally by the social engineers to protect them from public exposure, and the subsequent wrath which would follow. Problem – reaction – solution is an effective conditioning method for the masses that has been used for decades. It certainly did not begin in Sept. 2001. No, we had seen how it had worked in other societies in history, most recently in Nazi Germany of the 30s, a four letter word for the populace to use and believe in F E A R.

Fear has been overt and covert (covert as opposed to outright fear of being blown up by terrorist. The covert is the economy, which was used in years past when the economy tanked. Most Americans knew by experience their job would return and soon they would be back to work. Now we see a change in the big picture. The big picture is pretty easy to see; those jobs have gone forever, and if they come back at all they will not be worker oriented with good pay, good hours, good benefits. They will be company oriented with getting the most out of each employee similar to plantation owners getting the most out of their slave labor. This is the real goal behind the efforts to put the wooden stake into the heart of Unionism. And fear is the choice of the powers-that-be.

The numbers have always been there, 22 million total watching any newscast from any source on any given day, yet sky-high ratings for Football, baseball, millions can’t wait for their next beer, millions more have their eye not on what is happening to them as a society but on that new pickup truck, and the economy and tight loan policies make people anxious because they want to be busy doing a remodeling job on their kitchen, getting a new car and keeping up with the Jones and the like. So the cops are beating the hell out of someone down the street, so our soldiers are shooting poor people in some distant country for just being there , So they are putting those Muslims in jail without fair trials, just don’t bother me with the details.

The politics of the circle has replaced right left political thinking to a large degree, when you dissect what each side is saying they are saying many of the same things, yet we all know that reactionary political thinking can be dangerous, yet we saw in the last election it embraced enough to give that group the majority in the house of representatives and now we see the results of this, a huge shift to the power elite, with more tax breaks, government contracts and the like for those who have played the game and for those who didn’t bother to vote, we see that they are dropping further behind in real income and influence.

Was this a giant plan as many believe or just the natural outcome of refinement of political ideas by giving only the monied interest the bully pulpit because only they can afford the tariff to be heard on the air? So as we watch the politics of this week, next week and next year jell, I for one will not be surprised at any outcome.

Demons of the dark have come into the light and glorified by pollsters ..hired whores..who do public relations, polling, punditry and the like. Is there anyone out there calling for enough already … stop the profit taking… stop the greed…and lets get back to what is really important and that is the human condition a better life for our kids, our future…or has this become to radical of an idea?

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