Twitter and The Rumor of Fidel Castro Death

Twitter is in the sights of Cuba. Once in the popular social network spread a few days ago a viral message announcing the supposed death of Fidel Castro, the Government now accuses the site serve attempts to United States destabilize the Communist regime.

Media related to the Cuban Government suggested the weekend that Twitter is ‘forced’ to meet ‘orders’ to support the policy of Washington toward Havana.

The latest rumor about the ‘death’ of Cuban leader emerged on January 2 and quickly became trendic topic under the tag # FidelCastro, as had already occurred in late August with a similar message. The origin was later attributed to a computer virus.

‘Twitter joins the numerous unsuccessful attempts to kill Fidel Castro’, mocked the regime supporters. Others cited alleged users who first spread the rumor, with accounts created in the Italian version of Twitter. The official Web portal, meanwhile, pointed directly at circles of Cuban exile in Miami.

‘Is not the first time that Twitter skating against the policies of the Government of the United States to Cuba’, said the editor of Web, which holds that the island ‘has become a thorny issue for the social network’. The website cited the case of the temporary suspension of the sending of tweets from Cuban cell phones in October 2010, a service used mainly by dissidents, as the blogger Yoani S├ínchez.

The measure was attributed to censorship of the Castro regime, although Twitter acknowledged after that the company had been deactivated.

Pro-Government media argued that the shift was due to instructions from Washington..

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