Miller campaign alleges possible vote tampering

Miller campaign alleges possible vote tampering and wants state troopers posted at elections offices (updated)

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Posted: August 30, 2010 – 11:49 am

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From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage –

Update: 2:30 p.m.:

Note: I just received a response from the Division on Elections on the allegation by the Miller campaign. The division will be putting out a formal response with more detail, which I will post as soon as I receive a copy.

From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage –

Alaska Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai just told me a major part of the allegation against Murkowski elections consultant Mike Roman appears to be incorrect. Fenumiai said the information she has received from the Elections Division’s Wasilla office is that Roman was not on the state computer with the Division of Elections voter database.

Fenumiai said Roman would not have been able compromise the state’s election management system regardless. “There is no GEMS server in the Wasilla office so there’s no way the state ballot tabulation system was compromised,” Fenumiai said.

Fenumiai said Roman was apparently texting in the ballot room, which is against the rules. He also tried to bring a bag into the room but that was not allowed, she said. Fenumiai said she is working on verifying the allegation that Roman wrote voter identification information in his observer handbook.

The Division of Elections confiscated the handbook so that should be easy enough to determine.

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