Free the Scott Sisters

Dear Governor Barbour,

Jamie and Gladys Scott – the “Scott Sisters” – have been incarcerated in Mississippi for the last 16 years for an armed robbery which, according to court testimony, yielded $11. They have consistently denied involvement in the crime. Although neither of the Scott Sisters had a prior criminal record, they were each sentenced to an extraordinary double life sentence.

The presiding judge in their trial, Judge Marcus Gordon, has a history of racially biased rulings, including granting bail to the KKK murderer of the three civil rights workers: Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner.

Furthermore, Jamie Scott now has lost renal function in of her kidneys and cannot survive without a transplant. She has suffered repeated infections and been hospitalized due to unsanitary prison conditions. The Department of Corrections will not allow tests for kidney compatibility even though numerous volunteers have come forward.

Given these serious concerns, we ask that you:

1) Grant a pardon or commute the sentences of Jamie and Gladys Scott to time served, and

2) Grant Jamie Scott a “compassionate medical release” given the serious medical condition she is facing.

There is no greater form of violence than injustice. Please review this case and bring justice to the Scott Sisters who have suffered excessive incarceration for a crime in which their participation is questionable.

Jamie Scott with her grandchildren

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