Role Models are becoming a rare breed

Role Models are becoming a rare breed by Jerry Pippin
Friday 23 July 2010 3:00pm est

As a long time listener to NPR s Daniel Schorr over the years I was
aware. Aware that the 93 year old man still bright and articulate
was having good days and bad days. Some days his teeth would
click and his words would slur, other days his commentary was as
crisp as the October north winds, coming across the radio speaker
with visions of a younger Daniel Schorr, as pictured here, back in
the glory days of CBS news for Edward Mr. Murrow s fine team of
reporters telling of the terror of the night bombings in England, the
march across Eastern Europe by Hitler and a reminder that
communications have changed but there was something special
about those glory days of radio only reports. The sound of the
short wave signal fading in and out just added to the mystique of
this strange but terrible threat to the US.

I will be 71 in November. Daniel Schorr was a role model for many
reasons but one of the main ones was what I figure I will be doing
until that day I draw my last breath here on Earth, working on the
radio. Radio has changed, I now do it with pictures and its heard
around the world on the Internet, but it is still my first love, radio.
We are not going into all of Mr. Schorr s achievements but we have
linked to an excellent piece at the end of this article. I suggest you
take time to read it and understand where this 93 year old voice
was “coming from” in those NPR commentaries. It is something
that modern day journalist seem to have lost a healthy disrespect
for the official press announcement. Yes, there always seems to be
“more to the story.”

My eternal thanks to NPR for allowing Schorr to continue until days
before his death. He had a perspective developed in the cold war
as Moscow bureau chief, finally being expelled out of the country,
making Nixon s enemies list, and standing firm against a congress
who wanted to know his sources. Guts and a sense of what
broadcasting is all about, in the news arena, telling it like it is,
regardless of the consequences. Schorr once confessed to his son,
he did worry about losing those jobs, first with CBS and then later
CNN. Why? Because he dared report the truth and not back down.
Officially he was never fired, Schorr had a sense of awareness that
he should move on and continue to tell the story, a story that is
not always pretty about America but one of greed, power and
corrupt behavior from the top down and from the bottom up.

We will miss Daniel Schorr and so will America whether the brain
dead population these days realizes it or not. I pledge to continue
in my little way here on the internet to “keep on keeping on” with
the tradition of Murrow, Schorr and others

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